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PRESS RELEASE - 25th November 2015




The new marine equipment agency in The Netherlands, MAREN (Marine Equipment Netherlands) and GKC Repairs & Maintenance Ltd. In Pireaus, Greece recently agreed to cooperate in the Dutch market.


“The Netherlands is a significant player in shipping in terms of logistics, new building and repair and maintenance, so we are very pleased to have reached this agreement with MAREN. MAREN is an activity of Wolthuizen Marine & Industry B.V. one of the country’s leading business developers in the industry,” said Georgios Chalaris, Managing Director and owner of GKC Repairs & Maintenance.


GKC Repairs & Maintenance Ltd. was established from a Marine Technical Management background to fill the need in the marine industry for highly skilled, efficient, cost-effective Services and ship repairs at the Port of Piraeus, such as Steel repairs, Piping & Boilers repair, Blasting & Coating and general support.

This quickly expanded into Harbour and Voyage Repair and Maintenance, Power Plant maintenance, Refineries maintenance & Factories maintenance. Subsequent developments include the expansion of their international database of permanent candidates from technical (Electrical Engineers, Welders, Fitters, Blaster/Painters, Mechanics, Electricians, Cleaners, Instrumentation Specialists etc) up to senior level (Superintendents, Technical Managers, Ship Repair Managers, New Building Supervisors, Project Managers).


GKC’s track record is very impressive. Companies like Navigia, Tsakos Columbia Shipmanagement, V-Ships, Aegean Shipping, Marlow Navigation and Celestyal Cruises belong to GKC’s customer base. Dutch ship owners will be impressed by the services which have been executed so far and will become even more interested after hearing GKC’s rates”, says Rob Wolthuizen.


More information can be found on http://www.gkc-repairs.com/

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The MAREN website is under construction.

For more information and inquiries please contact:


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Note 1 - The aforementioned press release was sent and published in major maritime publications in the Netherlands, such as the maasmondmaritime.com ( December 1st 2015).

GKC in Europort 2015 in Rotterdam

GKC Repairs & Maintenance just completed its participation in Europort 2015,which took place in Rotterdam. Available at stand 6107, hall 6, GKC represented itself around its pilar values; focus on the peope rather the market. Instead of hiring promoters as it commonly used, the company's owner attended the exhibition and worked along the permanent employees to personally understand our clients and partners' needs. Providing customised care for our stakeholders is a personal business for us. We would like to thank all the amazing people we met and got to know better in Europort. As for those we did not get the chance to meet in person, we put our trust on a future event. In the meantime, you can always email us with your demanding projects' specifications to receive a quotation and to be able to compare our prices.

A glance at GKC in Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference 2015

Offshore Energy 2015 opened with a bang. The first exhibition day contained many highlights. Visitors, delegates and exhibitors from all over the world were welcomed in the Amsterdam RAI to experience the ever-growing Offshore Energy market, to do business with over 650 companies in four large halls and to attend technical sessions, panels and master classes. After the success of the first day, we continued OEEC with a great second day. GKC, with stand 8.016 at hall 8 - pictures attached-, had the opportynity to talk to and network with clients, partners and fellow exhibitors. No matter where in the world, clients and partners are more likely to turn to a trustworthy individual they know they can depend on, for personalised attention and tailored response to their needs. And this is the part GKC strives to excel in. In addition to competitive prices and exceptional delivery of services, personal relations with our partners and clients are important to us. So we make sure we take advantage of opportunities like this to get to know them better. With all the highlights of the event and the people we got the chance to meet, we can look back at a very succesfull Offshore Energy 2015. See you next year!


Summary of projects March-August 2015

The last semester has been very productive for GKC Repairs & Maintenance Ltd, as our teams were occupied with various projects, acquiring new skills and adding important experience to their personal CVs, and to the company’s professional bucket list. To be more precise, GKC completed worldwidely standard tasks of main and auxiliary engines overhauling on board vessels of major companies. Our welders and pipe fitters also proceeded with projects of piping modifications, on demand of customers’ request to make adjustments according to the new IMO Marpol regulation 14 regarding the SOx emissions. Steel works were a standard process, such as cell guides repairs, forecastle damages and WBT steel renewal,etc. These various projects have since been delivered with quality results on time. What was exciting was the Installation of new M/E fuel consumption optimization systems under the supervision of the maker’s service engineers, a project that required 3 personnel and approximately 390 hours per vessel to be completed. On a final analysis, this semester has been representative of GKC’s vision. Having visited more than 10 ports in 6 months, our devotion to customer care has earned us participation in not only standard, but also complex projects, providing GKC with unique opportunities to evolve constantly. We thank our customers for their trust.

Waterblasting & Coating works on a cruise ship successfully completed

At the beginning of the year, GKC Repairs & Maintenance signed up to a cleaning and surface treatment work of sewage tanks on a cruise ship, at the port of Pireaus. After making sure all the procedures shall comply with the local environmental rules and the international safety regulations, our personnel went onboard and initiated the process immediately, as agreed. Scrapping by hand, cleaning and waterblasting were some of the actions required in order to fulfill the coating works to the clients' request and satisfaction. However, as it usually happens with important projects, unexpected obstacles threatened to slow down our performance. One, of the two on board, water blasting machines of 1200 bars, broke down in the middle of the works. There are situations like this that create the necessity to have a back up plan so as to ensure that the client shall receive quality services on the time agreed. A third back up waterblasting machine was ready on spot as a replacement, assisting in time frame not being compromised. Last week, the works on the cruise ship were completed on time, proving once more that "plan b"s are of essential importance to projects. The client filled in the customer satisfaction surveys that the ISO 9001:2008 orders, and the GKC's performance was rated with 4,8/5.

GKC Repairs and Maintenance Ltd in Europort 2015

GKC Repairs and Maintenance Ltd anounces its participation in Europort 2015, 3-6 November in Rotterdam NL. Quoted from the exhibition's official site ,"Europort is the international maritime meeting place for innovative technology and complex shipbuilding. Europort has a strong focus on special purpose ships including offshore vessels, dredging vessels, construction vessels, naval vessels, workboats, inland vessels, fishery vessels and super yachts. With almost 30,000 professional visitors and 1100 exhibiting companies Europort belongs to the world’s leading maritime meeting places." (source: http://www.europort.nl/about-europort) GKC invites you to the stand 6107, hall 6 to meet our stuff, network and discuss how any case of repairs and maintenance becomes with us a trouble free procedure. See you in Rotterdam.

GKC in Offshore Energy Exhibition and Conference 2015

GKC Repairs and Maintenance Ltd anounces the company's participation in Offshore Energy 2015 in Amsterdam - The Netherlands, on October 13th and 14th. As Offshore describes on its site "Offshore Energy addresses the technical, operational and commercial challenges associated with future sector growth. The two-day event includes an exhibition where an expected 650+ supply chain companies will showcase their products and services. Next to that, there is an accompanying conference that covers key topics and solutions for the offshore community." (source http://offshore-energy.biz/about/) Visitors of the exhibition will have the opportunity to find us in stand 8.066, hall 8, to, not only talk about networking, the company's services and potential projects, but also have coffee and treats in an amicable environment . Make a note in your calendar and come meet us in Amsterdam.

GKC New Year Meeting

GKC Repairs and Maintenance Ltd, in respect to traditions and teambuilding opportunities, hosted the annual New Year meeting inviting all employees . The event took place in a restaurant in Pireaus to aspire the sea air, where attendees ceased the chance to discuss about the year to follow in a relaxed atmosphere. GKC, acknowledging that employees are the number one factor of organisation success, would like to thank them all and wishes them a healthy and prosperous 2015.

VLCC IMO MARPOL reg.14 project

In view of the IMO MARPOL reg.14 regarding SOx emmisions (01/01/2015), GKC was awarded with the modification of HFO & MGO piping systems of 9 VLCCs.

Suezmax tankers HFO & MGO piping system modification

In view of the IMO MARPOL reg.14 regarding SOx emissions, GKC was awarded with the modification of HFO and MGO piping systems of 11 SuezMax tankers.

Container vsl cell guides repairs

Replacement of all the distance pieces of a 900 TEU container vsl cell guides as well as replacement of some heavily damaged cell guides and other steel works, carried out while vsl was at the anchorage. Project was challenging because it was carried out in an area where resourses were limited. The project completed in record time.

Marine Maintenance Expo Brussels

GKC completed successfully its participation in Marine Maintenance Expo in Brussels, 14-16/10/2014.

Feeder vsls, HFO & MGO piping system mod.

In view of the IMO MARPOL reg.14 regarding SOx emmisions (01/01/2015), GKC was awarded with the modification of HFO & MGO piping systems of a series of 14 container feeder vsls.

Crankshaft damage MAN Alpha 6L23/30-K

A damage survey with consequential repair carried out in Dakar, Senegal. GKC repair team carried out laser alignment inspection of crankshaft and engine block iwo main bearing pockets. Root cause of the damage identified and repair proposal accepted by owners. Full story to be continued upon completion of the repair project.

MAK M43C Overhauling

Overhauling (30000 running hrs) of a MAK 8M43C main engine carried out within 10 working days. Subsequent repairs that carried out on the same vsl, were the overhauling of both auxiliary engines and repairs of cell-guides of cargo holds.

Yanmar 6N21 AL-GV overhauling

GKC was awarded with the overhauling of 3xYanmar 6N21 AL-GV of a series of 4 suezmax tankers.

Passenger vsl Hydro-blasting & Coating works

Hydrobasting between 900 and 1200 bar carried out on a passenger vsl's flat bottom, boot-top, vertical bottom and top-side. Due to the seasonal trading of the vsl, her schedule in DD had to be reduced to absolute minimum. Hydroblasting works including full coating specification works completed within 4 days.

Various works O/B a cargo ship

Reconditioning of the M/E HFO pumps of B&W 6L50MC, overhauling of auxiliary engines Daihatsu DK-20 and installation of new auxiliary boiler control system carried out O/B a cargo vsl.

HFO & MGO piping system mod.

In view of the IMO MARPOL reg.14 regarding SOx emmisions (01/01/2015), GKC was awarded with the modification of HFO & MGO piping systems of a series of 10 Aframax tankers. The first vsl delivered successfully after 6 days of non-stop works.

Mod.of crane foundation

GKC awarded with the modification of crane foundation of 6 sister product carriers. The first vsl delivered to the Owners after 32 hours of exhaustive works.

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