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LPG Steel repairs

GKC Repairs & Maintenance Ltd commenced the steel repairs of a LPG. A team of 22 engineers (Fabricators and Coded Welders) despatched on site.

Daihatsu DL-26 damage survey and repair

A damage survey and corresponding repairs of a Daihatsu 6DL-26 carried out afloat on a 2500 TEU container vsl. Crankshaft big end bearings show signs of overheating. GKC carried out O/B investigation / identification of the root cause, took hardness measurements and provide the shipowners with a repair procedure. Procedure approved by owners and class and GKC proceeded with the successful repair of the engine.

Installation of aft crane

Exhaustive works carried out by GKC in order to construct the foundation of a crane on the aft st/rd side of a chemical tanker. Without any structural dwgs provided in advance, GKC completed the works within 32 hours from the time of vsl's berthing to the satisfaction of the attending DNV surveyor and owner's representatives.

Piping works

GKC awarded with the Boiler fuel oil system modification of a series of chemical tankers. After thorough planning and material procurement, project on each vsl completed within 14 sailing days.

Planned Maintenance Project Wartsila A9L20

GKC commenced the planned maintenance project of a series of Wartsila A9L20 engines.

Troubleshooting & Repair of Daihatsu DL

Subject engine presented severe deterioration of both mechanical and electrical part. GKC attended, identified the root cause and successfully repaired the auxiliary engine.

Urgent Repairs at Forepeak and Forecastle

After soft collision of the vsl, GKC was awarded with the contract of steel replacement. Project successfully completed without vsl going to DD.

3 Years GKC Repairs & Maintenance Ltd

GKC Repairs & Maintenance Ltd celebrated its 3rd anniversary with a smooth dinner. All employees and their families attended the celebration. Dinner finished with the traditional New Year's cake, cut by Mr Chalaris with wishes of health and success in the years to come.

Marine Maintenance World Expo 2014

Marine Maintenance World Expo 2014 From October 14th to October 16th 2014 you will find us in stand no. 5033 in Brussels, Belgium.

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