• Surface protection

Surface protection

GKC Repairs & Maintenance Ltd is for over 25 years engaged in blasting, cleaning and coating of metal surfaces of industrial and marine market, applying high international standards. Throughout the world, our international presence stands for ultimate technical expertise and innovative solutions.

We offer a wide range of services in the field of surface protection specialized in sandblasting, hydroblasting, cleaning and coating works. Our experienced and well trained personnel carry out all types of cleaning services in fuel oil tanks, industrial tanks and equipment, confined spaces, external surfaces, WBTs, cargo tanks, engine rooms etc, by mechanical or chemical means.

Our continuously upgraded and environmentally friendly equipment increases productivity while reducing the impact on the environment, for the benefit of our customers. All equipment are stored within containers ready for worldwide transportation.

Our services comprise of:

  • Hydroblasting & Ultra High Hydroblasting (600 -1500 bars)
  • Sandblasting (Sa1, Sa2, Sa2 ½, Sa 3)
  • Coating works, internal and external spaces
  • Marine WBTs, cargo tanks and fuel oil tanks cleaning and painting
  • Gas freeing